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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #288

Hi all,

Hmmm, after reading digest V6 #288, there was
something that really caught my attention: Michael's
(and other's) suggestion of using a log. 

I was just wondering if anyone out there has found a
log they REALLY like. My ideal log would be small
enough to fit in my med kit (log, spare infusion set,
reservoir, ketostix, insulin, syringe, glucotabs, you
get the idea), while having enough room on each page
to note all the items Michael suggested? I would hope
to have spaces for bg, Carb/fiber/&fat grams, insulin
(noting whether normal/square/ or dual wave bolus),
exercise, and probably a few other things I can't
think of off hand. Someone sent me a log that is very
close to what I would like, but why shouldn't that be
made available to all interested parties?. 

I visualize whirled peas (oh, sorry, that's a foodie
joke :). I meant, I think this would take about one-3"
high x 5-6" long spiral-bound book to be
user-friendliest (for me, at least. I would be
interested as to what criteria fit the majorities
opinion). If anyone has an idea where to find this
elusive critter, GREAT! If someone has a creative
bent, and wants to tackle this little job, even

I also just picked up the 2002 Day-by-Day Diabetes
Calender by Pfizer (an excellent start on what I'm
looking for, but just too unwieldy). This calender
includes excellent history/encouragement/resources
within its pages.  Maybe some little gems like this
could be added to the general layout of the log, and
gleaned from the people who would use it (if there is
anyone other than me). 

Would anyone else rather see this project as a series
of 12 seperate per-month logs to cut down on the size
of stuff that needed to be carried everyday? 

Just thinking out loud, and looking for others with a
similar interest.


Craig A. Clark
32 Eastwood Pl.
Buffalo, NY 14208-1053
(716) 883-6153
email @ redacted
email @ redacted

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