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RE: [IP] He said/She said (was: Your City Policies!)

>> My statements were not meant to "bash" the child.  As I stated, none of
>> seem to have all the facts and jumping on the "evil" government is overly
>> simplistic.  So here's the change for your two cents: Perhaps one SHOULD
>> get all the information.
> yep...and I have it.......still say it is a good idea to support a child
> until you have facts that prove different.......any comment about  the in
> place 504 or advocate parents?
> Beverly
Oh? You were there and saw/heard what happened?  By all means I apologise.
I had no idea you were an eye-witness.

On supporting a child until you have facts that prove different:  I agree,
but justice goes both ways.  Support the administration until you have facts
that prove different too.  Or are they less trustworthy for being older?

As for the parents; What needs to be said that I havn't already?  Notifying
the school of your child's needs is a good thing, they did such, no problem

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