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RE: [IP] Your City Policies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In response to the first quoted message below:

Well then that would be the contested fact.  Did the AP, or did the AP not
grab at the child?  The article states the child claimed he did, but that
witnesses supported his claim that he did not.  If he did then he is guilty
of far more than a mere misunderstanding and I withdraw my suggestion that
the child could possibly share any responsibility.  If not then my original
assertion stands.

In response to the second quoted message below:

My statements were not meant to "bash" the child.  As I stated, none of us
seem to have all the facts and jumping on the "evil" government is overly
simplistic.  So here's the change for your two cents: Perhaps one SHOULD get
all the information.


----- 1st Original Message -----
>From what I remember, the AP actually yanked on the tubing.  The girl and
all of her friends tried to explain that it was an insulin pump.  She ended
up handing it over because she was afraid the he was going to rip the site
out.  She had a 504 in place explaining about the insulin pump.  I firmly
believe that everyone in the administration should make themselves somewhat
familiar with all children who have special needs.  I do not think a child
should have to be their own advocate.  I know that they do have to be, but I
won't quietly sit down and say "Oh that kid should have done _____ for
herself."  If children cannot expect the adults in charge of their schools
to make sure that they are safe, then we live in a really sorry state.

In my opinion, there is NO excuse for taking someone's life support.


----- 2nd Original Message -----
Others can tell you more but the parents of this child are some of the most
active advocates around and had a 504 in place for her........before one
bashes the child (yes, I have a D child and grew up with a D brother)
one should get all the information.......children have a right to be
and be protected....just my two cents worth....
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