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Re: [IP] Noticing lows in time and Vision complications (was: Hi a1c & dr's vi

In a message dated 4/27/02 7:19:11 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Has anyone else had a problem like this?  Ever hear a name for it?
> - -Sara

I have had the same problem for most of my 20 years as a diabetic.  Once, 
while in Switzerland, my BG went low soon after we started the tour of the 
city.  I used up all my glucose tabs and then all my hard candy.  I thought I 
was finally okay.  My tour partner and I had both spent all our money.  We 
were several blocks from our meeting point and I started noticing the big 
black blind spots.  I told her my blood sugar was going low again and I 
needed to get something.  That's when we realized that we had nothing.  We 
kept walking because she was really nervous.  A block or so later, I couldn't 
see at all.  The big black spot had totally blocked out everything except for 
a ring of peripheral vision.  I could see light around the ring, but nothing 
was recognizable.  She sat me down on the edge of a fountain and told me not 
to move until she could run to get help.  That was pretty scary.  As soon as 
my sugar started elevating again, the black cloud lifted and I could see 
shadows moving.  In a few minutes, I could see again.

I, too, have never had any complications with my eyes.  Whenever I move and 
find a new optometrist, they are usually amazed that I have no retinopathy.  

Last year, I started seeing glowing white floaters instead of the large black 
clouds.  I was concerned that something had happened and made an immediate 
appointment with my specialist.  Nothing was wrong.  I, too, was diagnosed 
with ocular migraines.  After that, I started noticing that I was usually a 
bit stressed when I started seeing these floaters.  Now, I use them as a 
gauge to calm down.  I still see the black clouds every now and then when my 
sugar goes low.  I have no idea if they are associated with the ocular 
migraines or not.  I am glad to know that there are other people out there 
who share some of the same weird symptoms.

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