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RE: [IP] dawn phenomenon plus resistance at breakfast

>> Is there such a thing as a "reverse" dawn phenomenon? i.e. bg's dropping
for no apparent reason in the early a.m.?

Yes!  My son has "anti-dawn phenomenon". He will drop like a rock overnight
if given a constant dosage. Thank God for the pump - this was really hard to
deal with on shots. I used to either have to force him to the 300s at
bedtime or "juice" him at 3 or 4 am  so he would wake up in range.  With the
pump I just lower his basals gradually all night, with the lowest being from
4-6am. This keeps him in range through breakfast. On the down-side, he is
insulin resistant at breakfast, no matter what time he eats. Whether he eats
his first food at 8am or at noon, he always needs a higher bolus ratio for
his first meal of the day (even though his basals have been keeping him
steady, or even dropping, all night and through the morning). Timing of
morning insulin is interesting also. I normally wait until Ryan is done
eating before I give him his insulin (you know how kids appetites can be!).
I can't do that at breakfast - he would shoot into the 400s within 30 mins.
So I have to split up his boluses - a little before and the rest when I see
what he really eats at breakfast. This works sometimes, but not always.
Breakfast has always been a struggle.

Anyone else have any special tips for breakfast?  I really think his
resistance is tied to him doses having to be so low overnight and then the
sudden rush of carbs in the morning. I know I should force lower GI foods,
but darn-it, I want Poptarts to work also!  So the experiments continue ...

Mom to Ryan (5 and pumping since 8/17/00)
and Celia (8 and non-diabetic)
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