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[IP] Kathy B.'s lows

"One thing that really bugs me.  I use instant rice and the box says 1/2 cup
cooked rice =39 carbs.  However, when I bolus for this, I am crashing within
an hour!!!  The other night I lowered the count to 30 and still so I think
that the packaging is incorrect and will go with the carb counting book on
that one!!!  I couldn't stop crashing the other night for almost 3 hrs!!!

Your problem with the rice could be its glycemic index.
The glycemic index for instant rice is 91, in a nut shell this means it pretty
much goes in as a pre-digested carb and hits your blood stream immediately. So
the instant rice will cause an immediate rise in blood glucose and then a
sudden drop in blood glucose. As opposed to white rice or brown rice which
have glycemic indexes of  56 and 55 respectively. That means the carb. is not
taken up as fast into your system and hangs on longer. The carbs are absorbed
much more slowly/evenly and over a longer period of time.
There is a wonderful WEB site by a husband and wife team who are diabetics
that has tons of information on the glycemic index. Rick Mendosa runs the site
and explians this process much better than I have. You can get to it through
the home page of insulin pumpers or doing a search for his name or "glycemic
index". I think this may help you out some with the post meal roller coaster.
Pam, mom to Sara, 15
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