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RE: [IP] Your City Policies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am being a naieve devil's advocate when I assume that the 8th grader *may*
have overreacted to the asst principal's inquisitions?  Because, after all,
noone would expect a hormonal 13 year old to behave overly dramatic.  The
article never suggests that the asst principal was stupid enough to try to
rip the infusion set out of her, indeed it goes so far as to say she removed
the pump and ran off.  If the child were acting responsibly, she might have
stated "This is a medically necessary device, I cannot and will not remove
it."  If the asst principal didn't believe her his job would be to take her
to the office and contact her parents.  By simply dropping her pump there
and running off, she didn't give him that option.


Did her parents ever speak to the administration ahead of time? "My child
has the following medical needs, here are emergency contact numbers,
etc...."?  We don't know one way or the other, nor if the asst prinicipal
would be told of every diabetic in the school, but again, if her parents had
done their job by notifying the school staff of their child's medical needs,
then the child could have certainly said, "Check your files, I'm authorized
to have this."  So once again the failing is with the child or her parent.
Not the school administration.

Of course, I could be wrong, it could be the asst principal went into a
frenzy on seeing the suspected pager and tried strong arming the girl into
handing it over.


This is 2002, you need three adults present for detention just to avoid
charges of supposed molestation.  The guy could be that stupid, but I have
an easier time believing in a 13 year old drama queen.

-Sara (wildly brandishing about Occams Razor)

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>>"Boca Raton pump fiasco incident was finally "resolved" .....<A
News Local</A>....this excerpt about sums it up: An assistant principal
confronted an eighth-grader about a medical device because she thought it
a pager will not face discipline from the school district. >>

Dear Information Officxer,

After an incident like this I as an Insulin Pump wearer will never visit
fine city again.  I think it is reprehensable that your public employeews
not trained to recognise the differencwe between a medical device and a
pager.  After all a pager is williamsnot hooked to the body providing
to person to whom it is a medical  necessity.  I am also copying this to the
Insulin Pumpers list.

Thank you for listening to me.  I will miss visiting your fine city in the

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