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[IP] Feeling Vulnerable

Hi everyone!  A few hours after a site change on Thursday, I had a bg
reading of 498.  I tested for small ketones.  I began pushing fluids and
took an injection to cover the high bg.  After a couple of hours, my bg
was still over 300.  I changed my site, did a lead screw and a self test
on my MM507.  At bedtime my bg was still over 300.  I bolused for the
high bg and went to bed.  In the AM, my bg was 550 with moderate
ketones.  I injected to cover and went to work, pushing fluids and
checking hourly.  By 11 am, my blood sugar was 130 and I passed out at
work.  My endo says I panicked and hyperventilated causing me to pass
out.  His office gave me fluids and said I was lucky.  He says I was in
DKA.  If it had waited any longer I would have had a few days hospital
stay.  I have been weak all weekend.  I am feeling very nervous and
vulnerable.  I have not been in DKA in about 17 years.  I have been on
my pump for almost five years.  I now realize we can become so lax.  I
think having a pump has made me feel a little invincible.  Don't get me
wrong, I have always been a brittle diabetic.  For 21 years I have had
swings in my bgs.  I have not been sick like this since I left home and
got out of puberty.  Every little weird feeling I get, I am so afraid.
Everything can happen so fast.  How do I get past this fear.  I have
survived this for so long already, but now I am feeling helpless.  Any
advice or kind words would be greatly appreciated.

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