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Re: [IP] Re: Kathy B.'s description of lows

>I know what you are talking about.  On Novolog, my 2hr pp's are higher than 
>on Humalog.

I am a total newbie to carb counting, but have ONLY used Novolog to count.  
I have the same problem - if I am under 200 after meals, by 3-4 hours later, 
I'm well under 100, close to 50 usually.  On the other hand, if I'm around 
250+ after meals, I end up right at 100 about 4 hours later.  Does this 
happen for people on Humalog as well?  I have been doing some fasting to 
test Lantus, and while fasting, my #s are very close to perfect, hovering 
right around 100.  I'm so new to all this, I may just be wanting perfect #s 
too quickly, but seem to be noticing a common trend among some of the 
Novolog users.  The other thing I don't like about Novolog is that you can't 
correct for 4 hours after a meal because of it's longer action time, 
sometimes I feel like I really need to correct sooner than that, but if I 
do, I'll end up much lower for many hours afterward.
Thanks in advance!

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