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[IP] ziz-zags

> I have been learning so much from the info here. But if someone
> could help me with a question I would appreciate it-a lot. I can't
> no matter how hard I try to keep my B/S between 100 - 160. I have
> changed my basal rates so much that I am wondering if I am the only
> one going thru this. No, I won't give up, but I am discouraged. Been
> on pump for exactly 50 days!!! Am I doing things wrong perhaps? I
> test 13x a day. And I go from one extreme to another 28 one hour and
> 397 an hour later. Help? Pat     email @ redacted

There are a number of things that could be causing this. Keep a log 
of your activities for 3-4 days, including when you change your set, 
when and what you eat, bg's insulin, etc... post to the list. Some 
one else may recognize YOUR pattern and be able to offer suggestions.

Is the pattern the same  every day or does it change daily after you 
insert the set??

email @ redacted
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