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RE: [IP] Gastroparesis/treating lows with food

Kathy B wrote <snip> Gastroparesis??  Today for example, after gardening,
b.g. was 65 and I ate a small amount of cut up grapefruit/oranges and I had
to force myself to eat it cause I had to eat something... <snip>

Hi Kathy,

I have gastro pretty severely, and I find that I cannot use food to treat
hypos because my stomach doesn't digest food dependably.  :Like you are
noticing, I can take from four to nine hours to digest a meal.  Not so good
when you are trying to treat a hypo.  So, I only use glucose in either
tablet or gel form to bring up low bg.  Glucose is directly absorbed by
mucose membranes in the mouth, throat and stomach without digestion having
to occur.  I find that glucose starts bringing up my bg reliably within
about 20 minutes.


Shelly Fast
dx 1981, pumping since 2/00
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