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Re: [IP] dawn phenomenon

Sure.  Why not?

Things that alter my bg's other than insulin and food:
Stress, Concern and Worry (My daughter is 17 years old, guess how many
stress-free days I've had since she began to drive)
Pre-Menstrual (Always runs higher)
Illness (One day before a strep throat I can't keep my bgs above a 60, and I
am eating like a crazy woman, then WHAMMO!  Bg's rise to 300+ as the
infection settles in and I feel the sore throat and a temp. begins)
Exercise (Depends on what type, and for how long.  If my bgs are below 200,
they will continue to decrease with any exercise, if they are above 200, the
bgs will increase slightly before going down.)
Allergies increase my need for insulin
Nightmares (because of stress)
Insulin Resistance

God, who knows, maybe even the air messes with the blood sugars . . . . . .

Melany, a little tongue-in-cheek, but mostly serious

> Is there such a thing as a "reverse" dawn phenomenon? i.e. bg's dropping
for no apparent reason in the early a.m.?
> Allie
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