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Re: [IP] Re: Kathy B.'s description of lows

>  have lowered my insulin to carb ratio for breakfast to 1:16 and still am
> finding a low 5 hrs later.

I know what you are talking about.  On Novolog, my 2hr pp's are higher than when
on Humalog.  It took almost 6 mo for my body to get used to  Novolor.
My 2h pp today (8/1 carb/ insulin, up from 6//1)was bg 160, 1hr 20 min later,
Bg  was 59.
Am MDI, Dr. said since I was going low, lower AM Lantus (base insulin) dose 5
units, keep PM dose same. Started that today.  (take AM & PM split TDD)  I don't
think it will work, cannot understand why not raise carb/insulin ratio more..
The weather, barametric pressure, how heavy items purchased are, how many bags
at once I carry, how close/far from store I parked, and many other variables
enter picture. (Maybe beta cells  putting insulin out).  YMMV Linda K
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