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[IP] therapy

2 years ago I saw a doctor for depression and anxiety and she put me on some
medication...it took a few tries but we finally found one that worked and I
was on it for about a year.  I felt better and gradually went off it.  I am
not feeling as bad as then, nor do I want to go back on medication and be on
drugs forever, but sometimes I get to where my anxiety levels go way up and
I am thinking therapy might help.  Not a doctor to prescribe meds.  But
someone to talk to about anxiety and stress and diabetes.  What kind of
doctor am I looking for?  Also, I am bad at opening up and being brutally
honest like a person should be to get any benefit from therapy.  I need
someone who will ask questions and probe and get me to talk and also someone
who can give me suggestions on how to better manage stress and anxiety.  So,
how do I go about finding the right doctor?  I think therapy would really
help and I don't want to have to resort to going on medication again.  Any
suggestions you have would be really appreciated.  Thanks!

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