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RE: [IP] Gastroparesis??

The key item I wish to point out is that even IF it is
pastro you're dealing with, there is no gaurentee
symptoms will occur EVERYTIME.  :( Therefore, treating
each meal as if you'll get similar results would be as
difficult as you've previously stated.
	Ah, ha!  This is my problem. Sometimes I can eat but most times I can't eat
a lot.  That's why I like to "graze" as my cde calls it but I guess they
can't understand that. I guess I have to eat more like someone who suffers
from low blood sugars rather than high blood sugars.

	My doctor wants to know why I eat at 8:30 AM and then snack at maybe noon
and then around 2:30 and then eat dinner and then snack afterwards.  Well,
that's how much food I can hold.

	Today for example, after gardening, b.g. was 65 and I ate a small amount of
cut up grapefruit/oranges and I had to force myself to eat it cause I had to
eat something and wasn't hungry.  This is my main problem, being forced to
eat when I don't want to.

	You know, I've checked out Joslin in Clearwater and Safety Harbor and they
have a endo that is diabetic and is a pumper.  Worse comes to worse, if
things can't pan out with this doctor, I will put my name in for an
appointment (a 4 mo. waiting period for new patients) and drive the hour to
see him and see what happens there.

	It is so sad that even if a doctor is trained as an endo, they can't
comprehend that each diabetic is so very different and they should listen to
their patients.  My doctor used to listen to me but I think that after
pumping a year and a half and not getting good results, she too is
frustrated and I can understand that.

	Thx for the info.

	Kathy B.
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