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RE: [IP] Re: Kathy B.'s description of lows

Hi Barbara!
You don't have to apologize for asking questions.  Heck, if we don't ask
questions, how do we learn and here, we seem to gather up stuff and learn
from each other's experiences, triumphs and mistakes now don't we???

I have lowered my insulin to carb ratio for breakfast to 1:16 and still am
finding a low 5 hrs later.  This week I will try a 1:17 and see how high I
spike before I plummet down :(

One thing that really bugs me.  I use instant rice and the box says 1/2 cup
cooked rice =39 carbs.  However, when I bolus for this, I am crashing within
an hour!!!  The other night I lowered the count to 30 and still so I think
that the packaging is incorrect and will go with the carb counting book on
that one!!!  I couldn't stop crashing the other night for almost 3 hrs!!!

It will take time and patience and it seems I have maybe one to one and a
half good days then poof!  Back to the same old thing and then the
perimenopause thing just throws everything off all over again!!!

I am not a person to give up easily and will keep you all informed of my

Kathy B.
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