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[IP] Re: bubbles

  Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2002 13:55:37 EDT
  From: email @ redacted
  Subject: [IP] Re: bubbles

  hi everyone,  my son danny ,6yr has been pumping for a week and so far
  we are having a lot of trouble with air bubble in the tube and in the
  we are very careful when we load the pump  but a day or two latter we have
  bubbles again. i really think this is causing  his high 200's.  please help

  Hi Danny and Danny's dad. Before you fill up the reservoir take the insulin
  of the fridge until it is at room temperature, so when you fill the
reservoirs up
  there will not be so many bubbles. Try to fill up three reservoirs at time,
  when you need to make a site change you have it ready to go. Leave them
  pointing up in a cool and dry place, out of heat and sun light, and tap
  with a knife or something in order to take the bubbles out, towards the
  Once the reservoir is being used, check for bubbles every morning - if
  are few (or several), tap the reservoir so the bubbles go to the "exit",
push the
  plunger until they are gone through the tubing end, and so prime using the
  pump (I do 7.2 u) while taking a shower - I hardly ever have bubbles,
  and change every Thursday. I use 32-34 u/day and a 300-u reservoir is
  for me for a week. Go Danny!
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