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[IP] RE: I hate it when . . .

 Gina wrote:
<I am still trying to figure out the correct carb/insulin ratio, <Snip>
my sugar 2 hours later to make sure I wasn't sky high, my BG was 185 - which
a number my endo with be thrilled with!!!

Gina, way to go on the post-candy bar BG!  I think you are doing GREAT! 
Never mind the negative comments.  Don't give him a second thought. 
There's a saying on here of "YMMV" and that is DEFINITELY so in your case.  
MY target range is 100-150 because after having DM for almost 38 years I
have hypoglycemic unawareness to a certain degree.  Definitely a "YMMV"

Max wrote:
<Gina, your consider below 200 good - that's all right. That's what happens
when a
pump company does not take care of the whole business. (What the devil is
THAT supposed to mean?)I consider 99 good.>

Good Max, great for you, really.  99 is good FOR YOU, but not necessarily
for other people.  I am one of the "other people."  I don't want to start a
debate or anything, I am just asking you to be a little more considerate of
other peoples feelings before you voice your thoughts.

Sally =o)
IDDM for 37.5 of my 39 years
Assimilated:  December 7, 1999
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