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[IP] I hate it when...

Anyway, I digress, the point is that we shouldn't make someone feel that 
 their level of control (at least Gina is trying) is inadequate.

I also cannot afford to test 20 times a day, I feel the 6-8 times during the 
day that I test is adequate for me.  I test 1st thing in the morning, before 
meal, 2-3 hours after each meal and before I go to bed and maybe another time 
or 2 at various times during the day.  

I do have great insurance but they will also only pay for so many test strips 
a month and at a BG level of anything less than 100 my brain doesn't like to 
function at normal capacity.  If I hit under 100, my blondeness kicks in and 
I like to blame it on being a blonde and have to place the blame on the lower 
sugar level.  And when it goes too high, I get a headache and get that extra 
thirst thing going also.

So, as all of us know, we are each an individual and what works for one may 
not work for another.  This is definately a YMMV thing..

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