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[IP] Regarding: 'Inappropriate' postings...

I see I owe an amends to IP and all members for
expressing my thoughts on what I perceived to be a
threat to my internet life-line. 

First off, I would like to take this opportunity to
thank IP (via Michael), and all of the IP-mail
volunteers who allow this post site to function as
well as it does. I am no Bill Gates, so I can only
imagine what it takes to keep this site up and running
smoothly. I would especially like to thank the mail
volunteer who wrote to me (personally) and was able to
address my concerns by clarifying the means in which
posts are filtered. 

The responses that were offered by IP members were
sound, reasonable suggestions. which leads me to: yes,
I DO have a Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition 
shield, which is updated frequently. Of course I don't
open attachments unless I know they're coming, and who
they're coming from.

Finally, for those who also wrote directly to me in
support of my earlier position. Allow me to state that
I should have listened to my significant other and
postponed sending that message until after lunch.
[and, no, I didn't write while low :)] Had I of looked
into the measures being taken by the site, I might not
have found it necessary to write at all. Or at least
it would've been written with a cooler head.


Craig A. Clark
32 Eastwood Pl.
Buffalo, NY 14208-1053
(716) 883-6153
email @ redacted
email @ redacted

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