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[IP] Bent needle infusion set

Hi, Any bent needle users out there?  Having tried every other Minimed
infusion set (sofset, silhouette, quickset) and having experienced TONS of
problems (my body doesn't take to plastic cannula, I guess?), I am now
trying the bent needle infusion set.  So far, so good (knock on wood).  Not
one unexplained high and no infections or blood at the site.

Anyhow, since there is very little in the way of instructions for the bent
needle and my doctor has very few patients who use the bent needle, I am
wondering if there are any bent needle users among you who can recommend
which tapes are better or worse for these sets.  My understanding is that
you need 2 tapes.  This is what I'm doing: First, there's one that's secured
right on top of the exposed portion of the cannula and, second, there's one
on top of the safety loop you form to prevent the needle from becoming
dislodged from the site.  I don't appear to get skin infections from any
tape (used a couple types of tape with the sofset way back when) but I just
feel like there's a lot of tape piled up.  Also, is there any special trick
to pulling all that tape off when pulling the needle out?

Any tips or suggestions would be most welcome.  Thanks.

Annie Wall
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