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Re: [IP] I hate it when...

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>the point is that we shouldn't make someone feel that
> their level of control (at least Gina is trying) is inadequate.

Much and deeply agreed!!!!

There ARE people who can keep their BGs between 80 and 140 at all times, and
I am happy for them, and encourage them in their efforts! It brings a smile
to my face to know they can do it and ARE doing it!

But on the other hand, we aren't gingerbread cookies, and some of us have a
harder time than others. All ANYONE can do is their best, and then get on
with their lives.

My own "hate it when" is when I have an A1c that is high for ME, and I say
something about it, and I get greeted with a chorus of "Oh, that A1c is
fine, I would KILL for an A1c like that, what are you worried about???"

Well, I happen to consistently run an unusually low A1c compared to my BGs,
and a 6.0 for ME is about the equivalent of 8.0 for someone else. Heck, I
was DIAGNOSABLY diabetic by modern standards with an A1c of 4.8.

So my take on the matter is to CUT OUT the judgmentalism, and concentrate on
support -- give applause when appropriate (Max, you get my applause), moral
support when necessary (Gina, you get all the hugs I have available, which
is NOT a small supply, plus some heartfelt pats on the back for doing the
best you can), and sincere sympathy and steadfast "being there" when things
are going poorly (Hang in there to ALL you parents who are struggling!).

And the final one is gratitude that it's not worse -- we ARE alive, and even
if not what we visualize a "perfect" life to be, still, life is to be
treasured, and enjoyed and remember that beauty is in the eye of the

Amateur philosopher

Natalie ._c-
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