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[IP] RE:IP] good and bad news

   I have been through this 2 times as both my daughters were D'xed at < 1 
year old.  There are a couple of things that they can do right away: 
1) Make sure the meter they are using requires a small amount of blood, like 
a one touch ultra, glucometer elite, etc. Tell them the ones they use in the 
hospital are TERRIBLE, designed for adults and require way too much blood 
2) Needles now come in "shorter" lengths. If the hospital is using regular 
syringes, get the babies endo to write them a script and they can bring their 
own from home.
3) Learn carb counting- a baby is a picky enough eater, trying to force them 
to eat their veggies or meat when they do not want them is a losing battle, 
carb counting is SO much better and they rarely teach that upon D'x, at least 
where I live, they still go with the ADA diet.
4) Give them the web address to childrenwithdiabetes.com
I say this is abso;utlely one of the BEST web sites for all types of D 
information, I have D (also D'xed at < 1 year old) and that web site has 
never disappointed me!
5) JDRF gives away "bags of hope" lot of good information in those bags, the 
baby may be too young, but good resource for her parents. My 4 year old has 
started giving her "ruby" bear injections and finger sticks, it is heart 
breaking, but she is learning! (does her own finger stick also). Info on 
getting one is available at the CWD website, or call your local JDRF chapter.
6) As a diabetic child myself, I think every parent should read Growing Up 
With Diabetes: What Children Want Their Parents to Know by Alicia McAuliffe. 
It was one of the best books on D I have ever read and I am happy to say my 
12 year old will be attending her camp this summer. Maybe a bit too early, 
this info is pretty good for the parent of a school age kid to have!
7) They will learn this, but let them know that THEY NEED TO BE THEIR CHILDS 
ADVOCATE!!!! Dr's and nurses tend to sometimes act all-knowing all powerful, 
but if they are not comfortable about something that is going on, tell them 
to speak up or switch drs if that is what they need to do! The dr's tend to 
be very clinical, but kids with D are still kids! and babies, well, NO child 
should ever have to go through this disease, but the advances they have made 
in treatment are significant-and can truly help to keep life more "normal".

 If you want, you can share my e-mail address with them, I will say a prayer 
for them and your family!
 Jacky D.
  Self: d'xed @1969, pumping Animas 3/02, Mom to Karissa, 12 D'xed @12/90, 
Pumping Animas 4/02, and Alexandra, 4, D'xed 2/99, Ultralente and Humalog as 
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