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[IP] B.G. "drop" profiles.

In a message dated 4/27/2002 8:22:33 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I noticed Marion that when your son had a blood sugar of 150 you gave him a
> bolus of .3 units to bring it down a little.  How
> do you figure how much to give?  We just have the 1 for every 50 over 180
> rule, but if we can be even a little tighter with control that would 

My friend Ron Sebol set-up something called a "drop profile" for Gabe.  I 
intentionally raised Gabe's b.g. to 180 at a time when there was no meal 
insulin or food in the system (on arising or 5 hours after the last 
food/dose).  Then I bolused .5 unit and checked every hour for 5 hours.  I 
found that .5 unit dropped b.g. 75 points so I assumed that 1 unit dropped it 
150.  This drop coefficient may change at different times of day, but it is 
fairly consistent for Gabe.

FYI, a unit of insulin will drop a high b.g. 150 points when b.g. is 200 or 
less, but the ratio changes when b.g. gets above 200.

FYI also, .1 unit controls 40 b.g. points on basal doses; a unit of basal 
controls close to 500 points for Gabe.  So if b.g. drops from basal (or 
rises) and I change by .1 unit, I change 40 b.g. points.

Ron's tutorials on this and other subjects are on the LC-D diabetes list.

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