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[IP] Why I Like My Pump

I've been using a Minimed 508 since Labor Day, 2000. I called 
their support line yesterday & today about a problem where it 
powers off when I touch any of the control buttons.  The Minimed
Support Person said they'll Fed Ex me a replacement unit to get
here Monday. 

Today's Saturday and I'm using syringes again for the first time in 
a long time.  An  injection about every four hours using Humalog only.
My physician said to cover each meal & a little extra to make up
for the vanished basil rate.

It is weird to not be wearing the pump.  Despite some problems I've
experienced with lows, my lows before the pump were worse & were
the main reason I started using the pump.  Previous to my pump use,
I had always mixed NPH and Regular/Humalog thru 2-3 injections a day.
For the time being, it's a Humalog with about 5 injections a day.

Injections are easy. However, it's very clear that I feel more in control
with the pump; test results back that up
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