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[IP] PDAs and BG meters

On 4/27/02 4:28 PM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted>

> Gail
> Thank you for your message and inquiry regarding the FreeStyle
> Tracker System. This product is being developed to
> combine a FreeStyle Blood Glucose Monitoring System with a
> Personal Digital Assistant, or handheld computer.  The blood glucose
> monitoring function of the FreeStyle Tracker System
> is designed to be virtually painless, accurate and easy to use. As an
> advanced version of the FreeStyle Blood Glucose Monitoring System,
> it is also being designed to provide additional benefits to the user in
> the
> areas of handheld diabetes and data management capabilities.
> Information relating to insulin, diet, exercise and other health
> information
> may be entered with the help of menu screen and a carbohydrate
> database. With graphing, charting and statistical capabilities built
> into
> this handheld blood glucose monitor, we hope to make diabetes and
> data management more convenient and easier to use than
> conventional systems.  Please view our
> website at http://www.therasense.com <http://www.therasense.com>  for
> updates and information
> on the availability of the FreeStyle Tracker System. We anticipate the
> FreeStyle Tracker will become available in the next three months.
> Thank you again for your message.

I bought a Handspring Visor Prism Specifically for this device which was
SUPPOSED to have been available in Dec 2001! Grrr.... Now, I fear, by the
time it DOES come out my Handspring will be elderly and obsolete.

Jenny Sutherland
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email @ redacted
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