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[IP] 'Inappropriate' postings...

On 4/27/02 4:28 PM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted>

> Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 10:26:54 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Craig clark <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] When did I sign up to be in a science fair????
> Dear IP, and all members,
> I just have to state that I am seriously annoyed with
> receiving the posting from the science fair teacher.
> The reason for my feeling this way is that I don't
> believe this was the forum to conduct that form of
> research. 
> PERHAPS, the IP-mail service virus-scanned the lengthy
> posting and all forwards, but with what version? How
> can I be gaurenteed that something didn't get thru
> IP's virus-scanner? PERHAPS IP will go on to allow
> conducting other research on unsuspecting, UNINFORMED
> IP members. 
> I will gladly participate in research (I am a graduate
> student, after all). However, I INSIST ON BEING GIVEN
> Okay, maybe I'm blowing this out of proportion, but I
> cannot afford to have a single, let alone several
> viruses attack this computer.
> Please, don't do that again. Yeah, ok, or what, I'll
> unsubscribe? I'ld rather not find that to be
> necessary.
> Sincerely,
> Craig A. Clark   

Whilst I do agree that this wasn't the right forum for the science fair
teacher's letter, I must ask if you have been given a virus or something
already from this or any other list?

You do seem to understand the vulnerability of your computer, so I do hope
you have an anti-virus program installed and Up To Date.

This list DOES in fact strip all attachments from emails and as this was a
FWD: and not an attachment, it was allowed through. Had there been any
attachment on the Forward, they would've been stripped off at the server at

You don't have to unsubscribe, but perhaps to allay any fears you may have,
why not get a secure firewall and use the 'Browser only' or "digest" option
of reading IP mail? Then you can still get the privileges and such like chat
and news and access to the site, without -it seems- being scared out of your

WE as computer users have to take responsibility for our machines and we
must also be held accountable for keeping a decent Up to Date anti-virus
software her at our homes. We as pumpers have to do the same by maintaining
our pump's 'health' too.

Although I have a G4 APPLE PowerMac, and use Entourage email & I have very
few viral threats now, I lost 2 PCs to virusii and have learned my lesson.
BUT that doesn't mean I can be lax in keeping an antivirus program running.
I cannot also expect Michael and the IP admins to "protect" me either. The
way these email worms work is they get into the Address book and send
themselves out to everyone in it. This means your personal email addy will
be prone to getting an email from a worm. Others will send out automatically
to a sent email, even before the recipient knows it is there! Anyone who
sends in to an email list will be prone to getting a mystery email directly
from the oinfected party and NOT through this list..

You know the score. So don't open any attachments from anyone, and if you're
using Outlook, Outlook Express, make sure your prefs are NOT set to
"Open all attachments automatically"
That is a recipe for infection.

Jenny Sutherland
mailto:email @ redacted
email @ redacted
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