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Re: [IP] Vision complications

Jan writes
< For quite some time I had what I would describe as waving ink blots in my
< vision, sort of like those lava lamps - mostly while lying in bed. This
< would happen maybe 2x a month or so, but very sporadically with no rhyme
< reason. I told the ophthalmalogist's ass't about it and she wanted an
< time/frequency as to when it happened and I could not say. I guess I
< have marked it on a calendar. Anyway, nothing was told to me about it. I
< haven't experienced it for months now. It didn't matter if I closed both
< eyes, or one, the *thing* was still present for about an hour. I just

Every couple of months my vision dims and bright zig zags framed in black
appear, sort of pretty.  I see them even with my eyes closed.  After thirty
minutes they go away and I may have a mild headche.  They used to come
premenstrually, after menopause they came following stressful days.  Ruled
out : Detached Retina  Actual Diagnosis:Ocular Migraine.

Denise Guerin
Type 1 47 1/2 years
 Minimed 507 4 years -Animas in its box 3 days
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