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[IP] PDAs and Blood meters

I am enclosing an interesting email that I received from therasense about a question made to them about the possibility of have a blood meter that could be added like a flash card to a PDA

Does anyone know of any other company with something in the works?


Thank you for your message and inquiry regarding the FreeStyle
Tracker System. This product is being developed to
combine a FreeStyle Blood Glucose Monitoring System with a
Personal Digital Assistant, or handheld computer.  The blood glucose
monitoring function of the FreeStyle Tracker System
is designed to be virtually painless, accurate and easy to use. As an
advanced version of the FreeStyle Blood Glucose Monitoring System,
it is also being designed to provide additional benefits to the user in
areas of handheld diabetes and data management capabilities.
Information relating to insulin, diet, exercise and other health
may be entered with the help of menu screen and a carbohydrate
database. With graphing, charting and statistical capabilities built
this handheld blood glucose monitor, we hope to make diabetes and
data management more convenient and easier to use than
conventional systems.  Please view our
website at http://www.therasense.com <http://www.therasense.com>  for
updates and information
on the availability of the FreeStyle Tracker System. We anticipate the
FreeStyle Tracker will become available in the next three months.

Thank you again for your message.


Dave Kalkstein
TheraSense Customer Service
888.522.5226  24 hours every day
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