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[IP] I hate it when...

 I did have a chocolate attack yesterday afternoon and had a candy bar, but
 I bolused for it and checked 2 hours later and I was well under 200 - meaning
 > to me that I gave the correct bolus amout.  ...  How do you make someone
 > understand this?
 Does under 200 mean correct bolus? How do you make someone understand this?
 Max -

Max - 

I am still trying to figure out the correct carb/insulin ratio, but for 
chocolate I have it perfected!!!  I usually stick to Snickers Bars and I 
think the carbs on the back are 30 so I use my usual carb ratio (15/1) and 
add .7 units for the fat breakdown from the peanuts and carmel.  

After eating that on Thursday afternoon and checking my sugar 2 hours later 
to make sure I wasn't sky high, my BG was 185 - which is a number my endo 
with be thrilled with!!!

Other than chocolate, I am still trying to figure out a carb ratio that works 
for a whole meal.  I can get it right eating 1 or 2 different things, but 
with a whole meal that usually consists of rice/noodles, protein (which I do 
not bolus for) and a veggie, I am still working my numbers.

And as for trying to make a non-D try and understand this, I don't even 
bother to explain except to my husband who is non-D but he understands enough 
to know what to look for as to try and help me calculate carbs if we are 
eating out.  Before we were married he knew absolutely nothing about D and 
now he is very well educated after all that we went thru at this time last 
year (pre-pump).

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