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[IP] Novalog needing square wave

About a month ago I changed from Humalog to Novalog. 
The jury is still out in my case whether I like it
more or not.  My sites seem to last more or less the
same.  Bolus seem to be the same (with an exception). 
My fasting tests seem to have more or less the same

But here is the exception.  Fats.  Before, more or
less the only meals I needed to use a square wave on
was Chinese, pizza, and fish fries (both breaded or
beer battered).  Since I've "mastered" chinise food,
it has been a very long time since I've gotten a high
from eating it.  However, both times I ate chinese
since starting Novalog, I have been high 8-10 hours
later.  Pizza was the same thing (but I have
remastered this, now I just have my square wave last
twice as long, instead of 2.5 hours at my higher
basal, I have to do 5 hours).  Now anytime I eat much
more than 7 grams of fat within a couple of hours, I
have to square wave (actually I just do temp basal at
a higher rate so I can keep eating).  I'm slowly
getting the hang of it (and I'm much mor conscious of
fats and eat less of them.  WHich I guess is good, but
I sure would like to have chips occasionally... I
would hate to think what fast food would do at this
point).  But I don't get it.  I'm requiring more
insulin.  I would guess that before the Humalog was
taking longer to wear off or took longer to kick in,
hense me not need the longer square wave.  But that
doesn't quite make sense because most of the time for
meals it took 1.5 hours to get back to where I was
going to stay or 2 hours to drop a high (and this is
the same).  Or that I need less basals on Novalog (so
some of the Humalog was covering the fat with that). 
However this doesn't make sense because my fasting
basal testing results are more or less the same with
both.  Am I missing something?  Or is this just
another way MMDV (my mileage does vary)?  Unless my
A1c's drop, I think I might go back to Humalog.  It is
easier to not have to remember all of these square

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