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Re: [IP] When did I sign up to be in a science fair????

On 27 Apr 2002 at 10:26, Craig clark wrote:

> Dear IP, and all members,
> I just have to state that I am seriously annoyed with
> receiving the posting from the science fair teacher.
> The reason for my feeling this way is that I don't
> believe this was the forum to conduct that form of
> research. 

You are correct, as an administrator I am annoyed by this also.  This List is ONLY for Insulin Pumping and related Diabetes topics.

> PERHAPS, the IP-mail service virus-scanned the lengthy
> posting and all forwards, but with what version? How
> can I be gaurenteed that something didn't get thru
> IP's virus-scanner? PERHAPS IP will go on to allow
> conducting other research on unsuspecting, UNINFORMED
> IP members. 

IP does not use a "Virus Scanner".  Instead a program called DeMime DOES remove ALL attachments, so if there had been a virus attached, you would NOT have received 
it from the Mail Server at IP.  
> I will gladly participate in research (I am a graduate
> student, after all). However, I INSIST ON BEING GIVEN

IP does not grant anyone the right to conduct research on the membership without submitting all material to the Administration of IP, and the owner of the list specifically 
allowing this authority.  

> Okay, maybe I'm blowing this out of proportion, but I
> cannot afford to have a single, let alone several
> viruses attack this computer.

As stated above, you WILL NOT receive ANY virus from the IP Mail Server.  It is possible to be sent a virus from another source that may PRETEND to be IP, or you may 
receive a virus from another member of IP,  but that can happen to anyone who has an email address.  You want protection??  Get an Anti-Virus program installed and 
KEEP it updated.  That is the only valid protection against viruses today.
> Please, don't do that again. Yeah, ok, or what, I'll
> unsubscribe? I'ld rather not find that to be
> necessary.

If you choose not to receive ANY spurious emails, the only solution for you is to switch to Browser.  This is an OPEN Forum and we just do not have the volunteer 
manpower to make this a moderated list.  I truly believe that 90+% of the members want to continue as an Open Forum.  But even doing this would not guarantee that you 
would not receive Viruses, Spoofs and Spams.  The only way to do that is to unplug that connection to the internet.     ;>)

George Lovelace
One of the Volunteers
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