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[IP] Re: good news and bad news

  I think sending a kit to your neice is great idea. Very thoughtful.
childrenwithdiabetes.com has some brochures and website address cards that are 
free to anyone who requests them. 
  As far as other items to send, JayJay always very much enjoyed playing with 
his lancing device as small tot. We call it a "binker" in our house because one 
of the ways I would get him to sit still for tests was to make the funniest 
noise I could when I would press the button to poke his finger. One day "BINK" 
came out of my mouth and he about fell over laughing. Ever since then it's been 
a binker. We had to get an extra binker for him to play with (with no lancet, 
of course), I didn't want to take the chance he might break the good one.
  There's always Rufus. http://www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/d_06_c20.htm
We got the book a long time ago, and when we were in the hospital last week for 
our pump start our CDE got JayJay the bear. He loves it, loves it, loves it. 
Sleeps with it every night.
   Seriously though, the most important thing you can send to your neice and 
her family is unending love and support. All the toys and gadgets in the world 
don't make much difference in the long run (I don't mean the essentials: meter, 
strips, etc.). Knowing that someone who cares will be there for you, does.

  Sending best to you and your family,
Mom to JayJay, age 4, dx'd @ 11 mos, pumping with Zero
Sadie, age 2, and
Alden, 9 mos.
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