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[IP] Regarding computer virus attacks

There are a lot of mean computer viruses going around out there.  The IP 
system does removed all attachments to emails thus lessening the 
probability of getting a virus from IP emails.  But, this does not protect 
you from emails sent to you directly from other members.  Most viruses can 
send themselves out without the infected person even being aware of 
it.  Best advice is, don't open attachments from anyone, unless you're 
expecting something in particular, and then be most careful and virus scan 
it first.  Install virus screening software such as Norton or McAfee (there 
are others out there also).  Another point not to forget is once you have 
virus software installed, KEEP IT UPDATED.  This is so very 
important.  Some virus scanning software update daily, some weekly.  Just 
as with any illness, you must keep on your toes to keep your computer 
system healthy.

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