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[IP] Gastroparesis??

Hi Kathy,

I'm going to claim "whatever" status here  :) , and
offer the following, but first a little personal
background: I'm a type 1(A, I suppose) diabetic for 34
out of 36 years. I finally started pumping ~1 week ago
with a MMparadigm. In the meantime, I am also working
on a master's degree in nutrition which leads me to
respond to your concern.

This information comes from the textbook "Krause's
Food, Nutrition, and Diet Therapy" (10th ed., 2000,
p.764). Gastroparesis is defined as "delayed or
IRREGULAR contractions of the stomach...leading to
feelings of fullness, bloating, nausea, vomiting,
constipation, OR diarrhea. It can cause detrimental
effects on blood glucose control." (ed. note: DUH!!!)
The key item I wish to point out is that even IF it is
pastro you're dealing with, there is no gaurentee
symptoms will occur EVERYTIME.  :( Therefore, treating
each meal as if you'll get similar results would be as
difficult as you've previously stated.

It goes on to suggest that small, frequent meals may
be better tolerated than three full meals per day.
Unfortunately, it also suggests these meals should be
low in fiber and fat. Remember that fiber, fat, and
sometimes protein can cause foods to be processed
through the stomach at a slower rate even without

I suggest you consider discussing the 5-6 small
meals/day idea w/ your Registered Dietitian (RD,
preferably one that is also a Certified Diabetes
Educator (CDE) to see if this might be something for
you to try.

In addition, I get the impression I don't need to
remind you to check your bg FREQUENTLY after eating to
catch higs/lows. Trust me, I know how expensive test
strips are (my Accu-chek run ~$o.75/each), but at one
time I was fortunate to have an excellent CDE who
requested test strips from the reps on my behalf at a
time when I didn't have insurance. I believe this is
something worth asking your MD, RN/LPN, CDE, whatever
about. The answer is always NO, until you ask. 

CAVEAT: Remember, I am neither a RD nor CDE (YET).
Just a voice on the web with access to a well
researched topic. 

P.S. The American Dietetic Association's Manual of
Clinical Dietetics (6th ed., 2000, p.550) concurs with
the small, frequent meal pattern for gatroparesis.

Best of health, or as my dad always said: "Have fun,
and learn alot."


>>I haven't been tested for gastro but the dr. gave me
pills the last time I saw her.  It seems I can eat
sometimes and other times I can't so when my stomach
is bothering me I will take the pills, if not, I

>>My doctor said the same thing to me and my argument
is this. If I have gastreo all the time, then wouldn't
it make sense if novalog peaks within 3 hrs that my
b.g. would be very low THEN because it is working on
practically nothing which has been digested.....and
then b.g. would be higher later on (say the 4-5 hr
period when I'm dropping) because there isn't that
much insulin to work on the food being digested.

>>any physicians or whatevers out there with any
suggestions on this???

Kathy B.

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