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Re: [IP] Noticing lows in time and Vision complications (was: Hi a1c & dr's...

<For about the past year or more, I've had an intermittent "spot" in my
vision.  It's not a black spot, it's more like "the" bilnd spot in that
small objects seem to dissapear as the brain fills in the blank >

       I too have this same type of "intermittent spot" in my vision.  I have 
also been examined and re-examined in regard to my complaint of this 
problem.... and to "no" avail , I receive the same exact response - and 
comments that my eye's are quite healthy.  When I first had a retinal 
screening with this complaint ,.. the Opthalmologist ( who is a Diabetic Eye 
specialist ) commented that my eye's are healthy , .. but, my "complaint" 
sounding like something that he hears from people with macular degeneration 
or glaucoma ... but, states my eyes are very healthy ...  Sometimes I 
experience a little more than a "spot" its like I have some type of tunnel 
vision.... and cant get enough light ... it happens for a few days every so 
many months or so ... It's truely hard to explain ,.. but, they say theres 
nothing to be concerned about ... 
Dx'd 1981, pumping 02/27/02
minimed 508
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