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[IP] Re: Kathy B.'s description of lows

I'm not reprinting pieces of your email, Kathy, but for anyone else who was
following this, she was answering my questions about what she actually
tested when she went low.

Kathy dear, no, quite seriously, I know that you mentioned being partially
sighted in one of your posts but I, obviously, did not connect that with you
when I wrote--so I'm very sorry to have been so questioning about what you
do.  I also know I was far too quick to say "test."  I owe all IPers an
apology. One minute I mention how "different" we all are and the next one I
lump us all together and say "test."  Of course the rates of dropping into
lows vary tremendously---YES, to Jan's comment--below!

This prompts me to reply to another post where the poster stated you can
take a test since you won't pass out in the 10 seconds it takes to do a
reading. hmmmmmm - there is no guarantee on that one. A what point does one
have 10 extra seconds before incoherency? Sometimes a low can be realized a
tad too late and the most important thing is to get that BG up. If it is
*misread* a bolus can bring it down. Don't rely on *time* unless you are
absolutely sure in dire straights that you have the time. I often get a
yellow spot in my vision before I have a clue I'm low and couldn't read a
meter at that point anyway. YMMV (~_^)

Anyway, Kathy, thank you for some wonderful descriptions of what you have
been going through.  I STILL want some answers for you!!! So, what's next?
Keep plugging -- I know you will keep us up to date on you -- you ARE
fascinating as a diabetic and delightful as a writer!

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