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[IP] Quick Sets vs. Silhouettes

I have wrote this before with a different email, but had problems with that 
email, so I don't think this ever made it through.

I am a new pump user (within the last month), and use the Quick Set infusion 
sets (6mm cannula) with the Paradigm.  The past weekend I had problems with 
the cannula crimping once inside of me.  Once the pump gave me a "No 
Delivery" alarm, so I switched the site, and the second time, my blood 
sugars would not come down at all and I started getting ketones because of 
it, until I switch the set again and realized it was crimped again.  So, I 
am just a bit frustrated (don't want this to happen all the time to be able 
to use a pump), and now I am going to try the Silhouettes instead and wanted 
some feedback if this had happened to others.  If so, did you switch to the 
Silhouette's?  I am fairly lean, and am told that this is why the Quick Sets 
aren't working well (bumping up muscle, etc.), and the Silhouette's will 
hopefully solve this issue.  I guess I just wanted a little feedback to let 
me know if switching sets is the right thing to do or not.


Dani Davidson

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