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[IP] microalb screening (previously new doctor and first visit....)

BTW, the clinical practice guidelines for the management of diabetes indicate
that screening for microalbumin should be done yearly in type 1's by any of
the following methods:1) measurement of the albumin-to-creatinine ratio in a
random, spot collection; 2) 24-h collection with creatinine, allowing the
simultaneous measurement of creatinine clearance; and 3) timed (e.g., 4-h or
overnight) collection. At least two of three tests measured within a 6-month
period should show elevated levels before a patient is designated as having

If anyone is interested, here is the link for these relatively new guidelines
(published 2002) -- lots of information about the guidelines for use of
ACEi's, ARB's and the management of other complications etc.....


>Jim Handsfield wrote:
Yes, the 24 hour urine test is more sensitive (and specific) than standard
>screening.  But my point is that the 24 hour urine is not a screening test,
>but a full diagnostic/prognostic test.  As a rule, there's no need for it
>unless something shows up in a screening test such as the simpler tests
>quarterly to yearly.  For those who have known kidney disease or DM related
>nephropathy, then the 24 hour urine test is indicated.
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