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I haven't been tested for gastro but the dr. gave me pills the last time I
saw her.  It seems I can eat sometimes and other times I can't so when my
stomach is bothering me I will take the pills, if not, I don't.

I'm tired of taking tests and having to pay for them as I don't have the
insurance to pay for them and every month I'm paying another Tom, Dick or
Harry a doctor bill or a lab bill or something or other.

My doctor said the same thing to me and my argument is this.

If I have gastreo all the time, then wouldn't it make sense if novalog peaks
within 3 hrs that my b.g. would be very low THEN because it is working on
practically nothing which has been digested.....and then b.g. would be
higher later on (say the 4-5 hr period when I'm dropping) because there
isn't that much insulin to work on the food being digested.

any physicians or whatevers out there with any suggestions on this???

Kathy B.
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