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RE: [IP] Re: Hi a1c & dr's visit

Hi Barbara:
Most of the times when I'm blacking out I'm in the 50's or lower.  All of a
sudden, I just can't see and I know I'm that low.

It's kind of hard to find the meter, test strip and lancet when I can't see
to even do a test.  In case you don't already know, I am half blind to start
off with.  When I lose my vision, I'm totally blind!  Not an easy thing to
deal with especially when low.

As far as eating.  Yes, I eat the same exact kind of cereal for a week
straight, measuring it in a measuring cup (the cereal and the milk) and I
try different insulin to carb ratios.  One cereal may require a 1/16 whereas
another cereal will require a 1/17, etc. etc.

I've been playing this game for two months now so I know where I am coming
from.  This is why I felt I was able to tell the doctor that I saw a pattern
for both dinner and breakfast but I guess not.

And my doctor was just skimming my logs cause I think she was freaking out
and the computer was not at the office (being repaired) do download the
stuff off of my meter and she usually only likes to follow that since it's
easier to read.

When I referred to not checking when I'm low, I mean I'm REALLY low and
seriously cannot see.  If I am outside when this is happening, I practically
have to feel my way inside to get something to eat!

As far as how long it takes me to get back up, it depends how hard I am
crashing.  Sometimes it takes a half hour, sometimes an hour.

And I can feel my endo's frustration as much as mine but the least she can
do is be honest with me and tell me she doesn't know where to go from here.
She wouldn't be the first and I'm sure not the last doctor to tell me this.
Even back in NY my regular doctor had sent me to several endos with no

I'll give you an example, since my brother was even more brittle than I.  A
doctor was convinced that he could get my brother regulated, admitted him to
the hospital.  They fed him the same exact foods everyday.  Had a physical
therapist come in and do the same exact exercises everyday.  You know what?
After 3 days the doctor sent him home and told him "you're right, we can't
get you regulated".

Today I was mid 70's at fasting, same for breakfast time, same 4 hours later
and within the next hour, I was dropping into the low 60's!  Happens

Thx for all the support and I don't mind answering questions.  I'm sorry if
my post sounded like I wasn't testing but believe me, I'm out there driving
and I won't drive w/o testing my b.g. and if I'm driving for longer than an
hour or two at a stretch, I whip out the b.g. monitor and check again...but
basically I know I'm ok for at least 3 hrs after I eat :)

Kathy B.
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