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[IP] Re: it can't be done?!?

> I am absolutely on your side and I would truly be going nuts trying to
> find answers in your position.  None of us has things worked out
> perfectly--it can't be done--but we can come "as close as possible
> given the tools we have to work with."
> Barbara

> I completely disagree with the posting above - it CAN be done. I am testing
> a system that brings my BG right on target (99) after two hours of my meals,
> all the time. It CAN be done, and it is BEING done.
> Max
> Frazer, PA
> - ----
Yikes--Max---I'm delighted to hear that about you--congratulations!  And of
course it can be done and is being done--I was just "suggesting" that it
can't be perfect, ie., "we" (our brains and pumps, etc.) are not pancreases
(is there really a plural to this word?), no matter how hard we try to
imitate them.  But of course you're coming awfully close---so who's arguing?
But not everyone is achieving what you are, automatically and
easily----maybe I should have said for some it's easier than others? Even
you have to admit that it has taken work and time to develop the system that
is working for you...and that's what we are all after, the system that will
work for each of us. Unfortunately, the very same system--your system--won't
necessarily work for everyone else, right?  If it would you would be guilty
of not sharing! Anyway, good for you!

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