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[IP] new animas pump - alarm

>Trish Ober" <email @ redacted> writes
> Subject: [IP] new animas pump - alarm
> Denise:  When I got my animas pump my CDE told me to put the batteries in
> play with it before my training, it continually alarmed for me also and I
> couldn't figure out why.  Every couple minutes I got a "no prime" screen
> the alarm.  I finally gave up and took the batteries back out.  I asked
> animas rep at the training (it was her and my CDE) and she said it was
> to alarm every couple minutes with the "no prime" since it was not "able
> prime with empty".  If you would fill a resivour (sp) with water and then
> it in the pump and prime it, you can then "play" with the pump as much as
> want before the training and it will not keep alarming.
> Trish

What a perfect idea! Thanks, Trish.  I will do just that and practice before
the CDE shows up on Monday.
My biggest concern is alarms sounding when I am low.  At that point my mind
goes totally blank and my nerves are shot. I literally become paralyzed and
unable to think.  Not terrific when the pupose of an alarm is to move you to
act!  I guess I will have to practice removing batteries quickly before I
become numb.
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