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[IP] Re: I hate it when.....

Ignorance is bliss isn't it. My suggestion is, when she heads out to lunch
someday go over to her computer and sign her up to this sight she might
learn something. Second thought don't do that, she might offer some of us
her advise. Best thing to do is to educate her the best you can and ask her
to keep her opinions to herself. I work in a office environment here and
typed up a pamphlet on what to do in case I have a low blood sugar that I
need assistance with. I passed it out to all of my co workers, held a quick
15 minute question and answer session with them and that was that. Now I
can do my blood sugar test, or eat a handful of jelly beans when needed to
treat a low with out any comments. In fact I have some people that check in
on me to see how I am doing on a daily basis.

Mike Chambers
Lebanon ME
T1 35yrs

Gina wrote:

I woke up with a very low BG this morning (44 at 7am) so I got up, drank a
juice box and had some glucose tabs.  I rechecked 1/2 hour later and I was
150, got up and got ready for work (of course I was late).

I walked in to work at 9:30 and was asked why I was late?  I told them
about my BG and one of the girls I work with said, "that's what all that
chocolate will do"........NOT - chocolate would make it go high not low!!
Then she proceeded to tell me that I went low because I don't eat enough
red meat. I don't eat red meat to begin with.....then she tells me I am
lacking in protein, NOT - protein is the LAST thing your body breaks down
for energy.  I then told her why it may have gone low - I don't even know
why?  I went to bed a 1 am with a BG of 310 and gave no bolus for it and
woke up 6 hours later in sweats with a BG of 44.  I have no explanation for
it, except that it just happened.

I don't know why people like the girl I work with open their mouths and say
such stupid things such as she did and not know anything about this
disease.  I did have a chocolate attack yesterday afternoon and had a candy
bar, but I bolused for it and checked 2 hours later and I was well under
200 - meaning to me that I gave the correct bolus amout.  I know the people
I work with are intelligent people, we are accountants, so why does she
seem to think she needs to put her 2 ccents in worth?  How can I make her
understand that when I am high or low that it may or may not have had
anything to do with what I did or didn't do.  How do you make someone
understand this?

Any input will be highly appreciated!!
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