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RE: [IP] new doctor and first visit - what do you make of it?

I'm sorry, Jim, one more question:  Does that mean that if one showed 
elevated protein on a 24 hour collection, but not so much protein that it 
would show up in the regular screening tests, there would be nothing to do 
at that point to stop the progress of the kidney disease, ie, one should 
just wait until it shows up on the regular screening before doing anything 
about it?

Thanks!  Jayne.

>Yes, the 24 hour urine test is more sensitive (and specific) than standard
>screening.  But my point is that the 24 hour urine is not a screening test,
>but a full diagnostic/prognostic test.  As a rule, there's no need for it
>unless something shows up in a screening test such as the simpler tests 
>quarterly to yearly.  For those who have known kidney disease or DM related
>nephropathy, then the 24 hour urine test is indicated.
>Jim Handsfield
>email @ redacted OR
>email @ redacted

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