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[IP] I hate it when......

I woke up with a very low BG this morning (44 at 7am) so I got up, drank a juice box and had some glucose tabs.  I rechecked 1/2 hour later and I was 150, got up and got ready for work (of course I was late).

I walked in to work at 9:30 and was asked why I was late?  I told them about my BG and one of the girls I work with said, "that's what all that chocolate will do"........NOT - chocolate would make it go high not low!!  Then she proceeded to tell me that I went low because I don't eat enough red meat. I don't eat red meat to begin with.....then she tells me I am lacking in protein, NOT - protein is the LAST thing your body breaks down for energy.  I then told her why it may have gone low - I don't even know why?  I went to bed a 1 am with a BG of 310 and gave no bolus for it and woke up 6 hours later in sweats with a BG of 44.  I have no explanation for it, except that it just happened.  

I don't know why people like the girl I work with open their mouths and say such stupid things such as she did and not know anything about this disease.  I did have a chocolate attack yesterday afternoon and had a candy bar, but I bolused for it and checked 2 hours later and I was well under 200 - meaning to me that I gave the correct bolus amout.  I know the people I work with are intelligent people, we are accountants, so why does she seem to think she needs to put her 2 ccents in worth?  How can I make her understand that when I am high or low that it may or may not have had anything to do with what I did or didn't do.  How do you make someone understand this?

Any input will be highly appreciated!!

MM508 1 year
18 years T1
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