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[IP] Re: Hi a1c & dr's visit

> I am totally frustrated but refuse to let my #'s bother me much anymore.  I
> usually take them as they are if I can't explain them and do correction
> boluses and not get upset when I see a high number (high for me being over
> 250)...it's my lows that upset me.
> She said "where are the lows?  They aren't recorded".  I told her when I'm
> low, crashing and my vision is blacking out, I really don't give a hoot
> (used another word) what my b.g. is, my first concern is to get some food
> into me or glucose tablets until I can see again.  I told her that she
> couldn't possibly understand since she's not diabetic and has never
> experienced this...grrrrr...

FIRST--I don't like your endo either!!! And you probably would feel much
better if you felt you were getting some help. But I also feel (slightly)
sorry for endos.  Can you imagine trying to work with all of the "us" out
there?  We are all so very different and even if you love the challenge,
this is a complicated individual condition--what works for one won't work
for someone else, etc., etc.

But to rush on. Kathy, I was trying to imagine what you would say if you
were your endo looking at you.  What a wonderful puzzle you are! I think
your endo is totally frustrated, too--which in turn makes you just about
hate her.  I have some questions, and of COURSE at this point you are
totally sick of people asking questions!!!  Your frustration comes through
loud and clear, and of course you are just plain disgusted.

Kathy--what is "low" for you?  What are you really talking about when you
are blacking out?  And it's not that I don't believe you!!!!--- but it would
help if you had some numbers because that would begin to suggest some
solutions.  Are you seeing black at 120?  At 40?  Do you understand why your
endo asked you about your lows?  Meters are so fast--you are not going to
pass out in the 10 seconds it takes to do a test.

And how much does it take to get you back "up" to say 90?  If you don't know
where the low is starting from it's hard to calculate how much you need to
bring you back to something that might be considered "normal"---although
you're right, you may not fit the "normal" pattern.  But it's hard to tell
until you get some pretty good insight into where the bottom is or how much
range there is to what are your "lows."  "Feelings" are one thing but they
don't always tell you exactly what your blood sugar is. At perhaps a 140
anyone can tell you they have perhaps "felt" low---but guess what, it was
something else driving those feelings.

Now I shall drive you nuts with a further suggestion. Just what are you
eating, m'love?  Have you truly attacked this by eating the very same
thing(s) and then testing repeatedly, hour by hour to see what happens?  If
you're eating totally different things every day, it's hard to pick up a
pattern if you're trying to find answers.  I am absolutely on your side and
I would truly be going nuts trying to find answers in your position.  None
of us has things worked out perfectly--it can't be done--but we can come "as
close as possible given the tools we have to work with."  Although you
really need "help," and yes, most probably a new endo, the real help is
going to have to come from you.  A nutritionist or an endo isn't going to
live inside your body and find out what works for YOU--only you can do that
and the tools are the meter, the pump, what you eat and what you do.

Kathy--you write often to IP and you have so many terrific suggestions for
people and helpful comments.  I would love for you to find some answers!!!
I feel awful for how you must be feeling!

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