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[IP] new animas pump - alarm

 >----- Original Message -----
 >From: "Denise G" <email @ redacted>
 >> Animas pump arrived today and scared me to death with an alarm that I
 >> didn't know how to shut up.
 >> It's back in its box  waiting for my nerves to settle and all traces of
 >> animosity on my part to  go away.

Denise:  When I got my animas pump my CDE told me to put the batteries in and
play with it before my training, it continually alarmed for me also and I
couldn't figure out why.  Every couple minutes I got a "no prime" screen and
the alarm.  I finally gave up and took the batteries back out.  I asked the
animas rep at the training (it was her and my CDE) and she said it was correct
to alarm every couple minutes with the "no prime" since it was not "able to
prime with empty".  If you would fill a resivour (sp) with water and then put
it in the pump and prime it, you can then "play" with the pump as much as you
want before the training and it will not keep alarming.
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