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[IP] my daughter has been aproved for the pump

I am not sure if I have the right place to be saying this but i am happy
now because even though my daughter who's last A1cs were 6.2 is now
going on a pump. Her bgs have been up and down since she was diagnosed
in July of 2001. At this time prepump I wake up any where from 2am to
4am, depending on bgs sometimes both just to check her.  I have been
reading these mailing list for a while and it has helped me with my
decision on getting my daughter on the pump, plus helping me getting her
excited about having one (she is only three and will not let me give her
shots in tummy, but says her pump will be hooked up in her tummy), she
even says when do I get my pump. Long story short thank you everyone and
I will try to keep in touch.  PS, I have also started the first diabetes
support group on my Island (this is the Island of Kauai in Hawaii).
sorry if this is a long post but I am excited and did try to make it
short.  :)
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