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Re: [IP] novalog crash

In a message dated 4/25/2002 7:33:05 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> the 300's and that lasts for at least 3 hrs or more.  I don't know which is
> worse, the high spikes that have me buzzing or the lows that have me
> crashing.
>     I spent a long time on the phone with Novolog people today and they are
> supposed to get back to me tomorrow to see if they can come up with any type
> of non compliant formula for me since it seems insulin stays and works
> longer than anyone else at the 4-5 hr time period.

Why don't you try same kind of dual bolus.  Bolus the carb part of the meal 
all at once, but extend out with a square wave some of the rest of the meal 
(if you dose protein); or just do a 75%/25% split and give the 75% with 
enough time before the meal that the spike starts to be more controlled; for 
some it is 15 minutes, some 30 minutes; once the insulin is working strong, 
your spike will be less and the whole dose will not be delivered at once, 
maybe helping with the hypo.

Just a thought.

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